Home training: recommendations for professional dancers based on science of training

Many dancers have reached out to our academy for guidance in Corona isolation. It can be challenging to compose your own training plans with sometimes only vague recommendations from theatres and administrations.

Many dancers of all styles are frightened not to train enough, which might lead to anxiety, stress, but also overtraining during the pandemic.

The Academy for Ballet- and Dance Pedagogy & Dance Medicine is very happy to present to you science based recommendations and guidelines for the planning of training. Our Academy is specialised in the training of pedagogues and trainers on the highest level of dance medicine and science. The recommendations we offer to you are detailed guidelines how to structure and compose your very individual training schedules during Corona Home Training.

The guidelines for hometraining serve all professional dancers of all dance styles and can be downloaded with the above set pdf link, courtesy of the Academy's principal Judith-Elsa Kaufmann.

We are happy to assist you with further questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Stay healthy!