The Academy for Dance Pedagogy & Dance Medicine, Austria, offers three basic possibilities for education and training:

  • Teachers' Diploma: 4-year-curriculum for dancers, teachers, ballet masters, choreographers, artistic directors, who want to train as dance educators and teachers based on dance medicine and science. The program finishes with a diploma and is suitable for all dance styles due to its unique curriculum, which bases all education on dance medicine & science for the highest possible knowledge in teachers/trainers/masters/choreographers, who have their dancers' very best performance, health, and wellbeing at heart.
  • Dancers' Certificate: 11-months program terminating with a certificate. The course is specifically designed for the needs of professional dancers of all styles and backgrounds (vocational in professional schools, company dancers, freelancers, choreographers). The program aims at providing essential knowledge on dance medicine and science, enabling dancers to be autonomous in their own performance enhancement and injury prevention.
  • Special training opportunity: all teachers, dancers, choreographers, parents and many more, have the possibility to book single classes and course-days of both programs, ending with a confirmatin of participation.
  • Dance Medicine for Children & Adolescents: in 60-minutes-events, international lecturers make dance medicine accessible for youth of all styles and ages. The overall goal is to empower young dancers by providing knowledge and let them grow up with a natural inclusion of performance enhancing and injury preventive approach to their own training and performance to make them strong and autonomous in body, mind and soul.
  • Special Lectures, Conferences, Congresses, Meetings from the Academy for Dance Pedagogy & Dance Medicine or partners are always announced in newsflash on the Home page.