Dance Medicine for Kids & Youth

"Dance Medicine for You" introduces dance medicine specifically for children and adolescents inspired by Judith-Elisa Kaufmann's motto "Knowledge is Power!"

From september 2021 onwards and specifically designed for children and adolescents, dance medical knowledge is made accessible for young dancers of all styles and backgrounds. The overall goal is to empower young dancers by providing knowledge and let them grow up with a natural inclusion of performance enhancing and injury preventive approach to their own training and performance to make them strong and autonomous in body, mind and soul.

International lecturers in the fields of dance medicine and science are teaching these 60 minutes events as a hybrid- and/or online training addressing questions such as

What is dance medicine?

How can it help YOU to enhance your performance and prevent your injuries?

Why and how can dance medicine help each dancer of each style and age to dance holistically, mindfully and more consciously?

Specific topics are explained, among them warm-up and cool-down, how to eat and drink as a dancer, how to dress and use shoes correctly, how to set goals and achieve dreams without becoming desparate or stressed, fitness for dancers, posture and alignment, imagery and focus of attention to enhance performance, and many more.