Me&MyBest - Dance Medicine/Science for Professional Dancers

Me&MyBest is an international Online Course for professional company- and freelance dancers in English language. It is part of the AcademyOnTour-Series.

If you want to learn how your yourself can enhance your performance while you prevent your own injuries then this is your course.

The 10-days & 11-lectures-course is designed as such that it is manageable next to your enormous workload, and terminates with a certificate, if you wish to do so (see course description).

Me&MyBest 2024 takes place on 5 sundays and 5-block days in July on request of dancers to facilitate their attendance. Here you can download the details for the course 2024, April 7th to Octover 6th.

Individual Dancer & Companies: 
Me&MyBest can be booked by dancers themselves, but is also available for companies, academies, schools etc. Participation of whole companies, groups, or school classes will be charged as a flat rate depending on the number of participants and conditions. Please contact our office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if this is of interest for you. We are happy to tailor your personal best experience.
Background & Aims:
Not only in times of a pandemic it is essential for dancers to be autonomous, able to take their lives and matters into their own hands. In order to do exactly that they need content knowledge on dance medicine and science, which enables them to plan their training effectively or judge, based on evidence, what is good for their health and wellbeing in their daily work environments and routines. Moreover, it is essential to communicate those wishes to superiors, insist on rights, but also communicate shortcomings. Me&MyBest provides the knowledge to do that.

Based on the motto "Knowledge is Power", this course is providing the most essential knowledge for professional dancers of all backgrounds and styles with regard to performance enhancement and injury prevention. Me&MyBest introduces the practical implementation of dance medicine as an "economy pack": by focusing on the individual, practically implemented dance medicine boosts performance while it prevents injuries, inextricably linked, with the aim of making dancers autonomous, proactive, and self-responsible, successfull and healthy. Such education should already start in the young, which is why this course also addresses young dancers in vocational education (i.e., training to become a professional).

International (university) lecturer, author and dance medical specialist Judith-Elisa Kaufmann has compiled and is teaching the course live, targeting dancers' very needs, based on her 25 years of experience in working and helping company, freelance, and vocational dancers of all backgrounds and styles worldwide.
Course Details:
Over 11 LIVE held online lectures, the dancer receives comprehensive knowledge in theory and practice how dance medicine and science can be practically implemented into a dancer's life. Classes and seminars are held online and participants are supplied with equally comprehensive course material. After ten days, those participants who want to receive the Certificate, can write a short paper, reflecting on their new knowledge and its transfer into their own practice (5-10 pages, in English or German language). Additional certification is available through the International Dance Council (CID), UNESCO. If dancers do not want to hand in a paper they are free to finish the course with a confirmation of attendance.
Registration: please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you will receive the registration form.  Invoice and online course links will be provided after registration is completed.
Duration: 10 lecture days (provided all 11 lectures were consumed). If a lecture is missed, the dancer always has the possibility to take in the missed lecture in the next course run. Course materials are provided in any case.
Volume: online seminars, practical workshops, final paper assessment (120 hours); own reading, writing and course preparation throughout the year (30 hours)
Costs: certified course € 1100,-. Single lecture days can be booked for 199,-. However, due to the intrinsic red thread of consitency throughout the course, content from other course days is not repeated for single bookers, to ensure the quality and flow for those, who book the whole course. Additionally, single bookers are only admitted if there still is capacity. Due to the high quality of courses this Academy only admits a restricted number of participants to be able to focus on the indicidual dancers and care for their needs!
For participants of the whole course, payment of course fees by installments is possible. Please contact our office, if you wish to pay the course fees split into smaller sums.
IMPORTANT NOTE: to ensure our high quality and wish to care for the individual dancer, we have restricted numbers of participants in each course run. Make sure to book your course soon before we are sold out. 

Register now: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Check out what people say about our programs (click on the pictures for the video feedback):

Giulia Frosi Ian Whalen

“I wanna spend a couple words to say how grateful I am for Me&MyBest. This course has initiated a beautiful journey of discovery and learning and it has given me the tools to improve my wellbeing as an athlete and as a performer.  So, I truly recommend it to any aspiring and professional dancer out there. It will spark so much curiosity, it will give you so much knowledge. And knowledge is power. So go on, find out more, dive into it and enjoy! […]
Attending this course has opened my mind, new paths of thought have taken place and I feel more in control of my career as a professional ballet dancer. There is so much knowledge to make treasure of to be healthier and to feel empowered as an athlete/artist. Thank you for the great energy and inspiration!”
Giulia Frosi, Stuttgarter Ballett    [Photo: Ian Whalen]
Chiara Scarrone“Why Me&MyBest … Well, it is already in the title. The first word you can read is “Me”. So finally, this is a course where the priority is YOU! And after, with the knowledge and the patience of Judith-Elisa Kaufmann, you will receive so many informations, your approach will change completely at work… […] So, if you want to love yourself, if you want to meet new people, if you want to have fun, and if you want to share with them, knowledge and information, then I would say: do it, have fun – and for my personal experience, you will feel so powerful as a person after this course and this is really important in our job, in our career…”

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