Me&MyBest Dance Medicine for Professional Dancers

Me&MyBest is an international Online Course for professional dancers, who want to learn how they themselves can enhance their performance, while preventing their injuries, by practically implementing dance medicine and science into daily dance routines

International (university) lecturer, author and dance medical specialist Judith-Elisa Kaufmann has compiled and is teaching the course, targeting dancers' very needs, based on her 20 years of experience in working and helping company, freelance, and vocational dancers of all backgrounds and styles worldwide.

Not only in times of a pandemic it is essential for dancers to be autonomous, able to take their lives and matters into their own hands. In order to do exactly that they need content knowledge on dance medicine and science, which enables them to plan their training effectively or judge, based on evidence, what is good for their health and wellbeing in their daily work environments and routines. Based on the motto "Knowledge is Power", this course is providing the most essential knowledge for dancers of all background and styles with regard to performance enhancement and injury prevention to enable them to become autonomous, proactive and self-responsible.

The 11-months course is designed as such that it is managable next to dancers' enormous workload, and terminates with a certificate, related to many benefits (see the course description). Next program start is May 2021 and the program description is ready for download here: Me&MyBest Details

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